Thinking of putting your Business Online?

To reach a greater potential market?

Online Marketing

Or simply to create a new business idea, no matter how small?

We at Oceania Internet understand the power of Marketing over the Internet, without sailing off course and losing your business objectives & goals.

At Oceania Internet we pride ourselves on simple, flexible solutions where we listen to all your online business needs.

1. Staged Online Approach

When you begin to action your business or idea online we can deliver part of your idea as small as you need at a time with our Basic Packagethat will give you a low capital investment. This works in two ways, i) to gauge how your online business is progressing as we partner with you in building your business online in stages & ii) limits your capital risk if you need steer the direction of the business down a different path.


2. A Relationship Is Built

As your online business matures you can easily add on other key value elements down the track to your web site once your new business is established online.


3. Project Management

We have skilled certified Project Management in-house to oversee your project no matter how small or large. So you will be kept informed of progress during the phases of your online project.


4. Belief In What We Can Do For You

Oceania Internet truly listen and share in your passions, desires and outcomes of your new project and its mission.


5. Measured Marketing Strategies

We go further than your typical web designer. At Oceania Internet we deliver measurable and marketing methods to maximise your communication to your potential & existing clients.

Further, we provide a holistic service from end to end.

What does this mean? I am glad I asked, we promise and deliver;

  • a) Optimal Design & ease of navigation to your business or personal web site
  • b) User Ability Testing (UAT)
  • c) Marketing Concepts & Strategies
  • d) Hosting Services
  • – Regular Backups of your site
  • e) Simple Statistical web data or traffic analysis. REMEMBER if you cannot measure something how do you expect to manage it!
  • f) Your very own admin access to your site via Content Management System tools & best practices


6. One On One Customer Service

You will receive old fashion personalised service in assoication with your Internet Online Marketing. This means customer service as its core – check our Testimonials


7. Experience & We ‘Walk The Talk’ – Around Since Commodore 64s

Yes, we are old in terms of technology. We know what works TODAY after successful selling of a number of online businesses including powerhouse e-commerce sites.