Imagine your Website Developed & Drawing In New Prospects?


We will help you build an effective website with a thorough understanding of web site architecture, customer usability, search engine optimisation, online promotion, e-commerce and other vital areas.

Our web sites are built with only one purpose: to convince prospects to buy your services and products.

Your web site we design is fresh and original – our web designers do not use templates or other “cookie cutter” solutions – and we employ top designers, graphic artists and writers to make sure your web site not only has high impact and stands out, but also meets your prospect’s needs and holds their attention.

We have strong web site design skills, but we are also IT professionals and understand the technical side of web design – our websites load quickly, work smoothly and are robust and trouble free (if your web site is unavailable for any reason, you might as well be out of business).

Website Design Process

An effective website requires balanced design elements, rich content, advanced technology and intelligent business strategy. It also requires optimisation for search engine based web marketing.

Evaluation and Analysis

We start with an in-depth analysis and evaluation of requirements to determine the best design process using our visual design worksheet that helps narrow down the look and feel of the design elements for your website.

Content Provision

We supply you with a content generation worksheet that enables you to start working on the content for your website. You just fill out the boxes!

Sample Template Creation

Our designers create several design templates consisting of a home page design and an internal page design and present them to you for your feedback.

Design Selection and more Design Iterations

Upon receiving your feedback, our designers work to incorporate your feedback into the design – this process can repeat several times until all feedback has been received and incorporated.

Final Template Generation and Design Approval

You then review all the sample design templates and select one particular design. At this point, we develop the remaining pages and present them to you for further evaluation. This process can repeat until the desired design is achieved.

Website Delivery

We then deliver the completed work to you for upload to your Website Hosting Provider, your Web Server or our Web Managed Services.

Submission to Search Engines

As part of the website design process, we submit your website to the top 5 search engines.

Web Site Migration and Project Management

At Oceania Internet we take your business seriously.
One of a projects’ primary objectives is to minimise business disruptions when migrating or delivering your new project deliverables.
Project Management disciplines are exhibited during the life-cycle of a project.