Imagine your very own powerful shopping web site that can bring in sales whilst you do the things You enjoy?

Now you can with an E-COMMERCE WEBSITE


At Oceania Internet we provide a powerful yet un-sophisticated web presence ecommerce-adelaide-melbourne-websitesthat is sure to bring a return on your investment.


Can your current site provide the following:

  • Provides online ability to purchase (E-commerce) – uses secure site?
  • Shipping charges and other transaction costs provided?
  • If you cannot purchase online, is price information still supplied?
  • Accepts credit cards online?
  • Uses a shopping cart system?
  • Accepts foreign currencies?
  • How easy are purchases completed in comparison to the Amazon 1-Click system
  • Is your order confirmed by email along with your order number?
  • Are you notified by email when your order is shipped?
  • Are the company’s logo imprinted products (hats, cups, T-shirts, etc) offered for sale on the site?
  • Do they sell refurnished, refurbished, rebuilt products online or help their dealers do so?
  • Can customers purchase items online and pick them up at “brick and mortar” stores?
  • Can customers return items bought online to “brick and mortar” stores?
  • Is a return goods / exchange policy in place? Is it easy? Can you return goods locally?
  • Does the site hold up in peak times (Christmas, after major TV commercials, etc)?
  • Web site efficiency?

How long does it take to search for a well known item (also available from others), locate it, buy it, and wait for it to arrive by the fastest shipping method vs. other similar sites?

Reference: “Christmas”. Wall Street Journal 3 Dec. 1999. Page W12.