Artloc is a fusion of art and technology to help drive authentication of art.

Pioneering the Future of Art Authentication: Our Work with Artloc

Innovating at the Intersection of Art and Technology

At Oceania Digital, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of digital innovation – and our latest project, Artloc, is a testament to this commitment. Artloc represents a ground breaking fusion of art, technology, and security, redefining the way art is authenticated and traded in the digital era.

Our Journey with Artloc

Working closely with the visionary team at Artloc, we’ve developed a state-of-the-art platform that seamlessly integrates NFC and blockchain technology. This collaboration has enabled us to create an ecosystem where artists, collectors, and galleries can thrive with confidence, knowing that every piece of art is secure and its authenticity unquestionable.

Explore Artloc Today

We invite you to experience the future of art authentication and collection. Whether you’re an artist seeking to protect your work, a collector looking to invest in verified art, or a gallery aiming to expand your reach, Artloc offers unparalleled solutions.

Discover Artloc – where every artwork’s story is preserved, and its authenticity guaranteed.

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